City to Sea Bridge – Civic Centre


FIND THESE STEPS – From the CBD, in the Civic Centre, behind the Town Hall and the Library; from the Harbour, at the Whairepo Lagoon.

The Boat Shed, to the right in the Whairepo Lagoon (Whaiepo is the Maori name for eagle rays who are considered the guardians of Lagoon), across from the Jervois Quay and the City to Sea Bridge and crossing the Quay to the Civic Centre.





Los Angeles – Laurel and Hardy Steps


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FIND THESE STEPS – Between 923 and 935 N. Vendome Street, Silver Lake.

If you are visiting Los Angeles (one of the very best cities in the world) and you have the time, this is worth the time for a visit. All those steps and all that movie history.

This episode is from the 1932 film The Music Box, with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, and described wonderfully at the web site

And occasional celebrations of the steps occur as a day long event.


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For more steps in Los Angeles, you can find some grand and elusive ones in Charles Fleming’s Secret Stairs


Warwick – Wilton – Churchill Steps

FIND THESE STEPS –  From Warwick Street between 81 and 87 Warwick, at 67/69 Wilton Road, and across from 63 Wilton Road to Churchill Drive at No 18.

At the top at Warwick Street, and leading to a spectacular, flaming post box, and a flight of 203 steps to Wilton Road.

The view from Wilton looking up the steps toward Warwick.

And cross the road – at Wilton – for the next level of steps, toward Churchill.

And nearly hidden away – a playground at Izard Park.

From Izard Park to Churchill Drive.







Surrey Street Steps

FIND THESE STEPS – From 10 Surrey to 28 Worcester Street at the top.

A very subtle entry way and you could easily miss this from Surrey. Follow along this path. The view from the top is spectacular.

It’s December when I took these shots and some flowers along the way.

At the top – beside St Thomas More church.