St John Street/Abel Smith Street Steps

Find these steps – From Aro Street, find the sign posted between Garage Project brewery and the edge of Aro Park; the steps section of Abel Smith Street is an extension of the street at the intersection with The Terrace.

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Pointing the way to St John Street along Aro Street, beside Aro Park and the public toilet (not the toilet made famous in the 1960s for its participation in the Soviet spy incident – that one is further up Aro Street). The rusty letters grandly spell out ‘Aro’.

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Coming down toward the Abel Smith entryway.

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Continue on down Abel Tasman Street and just to your left is another set of steps leading down, again, to Aro Park and Aro Street.

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At the top of the steps leading down to Aro Park from Abel Tasman.

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Steps from Abel Tasman toward Aro Park, and back to Aro Street park again, with the Community Centre on the right.

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The historic cottages next to the park.