Hawick Street to Paparata Street steps

FIND THESE STEPS – At 11 Hawick Street on the  lower level and from the top across from 7 Selkirk Way.


Hawick Street history from the Karori Historical Societ:

“One of the Paparata streets, Hawick is named after the Scottish border town, Duthie (Mrs Miller), the birthplace of Sir James Wilson, the grandfather of the wife of one of the syndicate’s principals, Dr Haylock.”

Ant at the top, 

Named after the Paparata Development Company Ltd which initiated the subdivision in conjunction with a firm of surveyors. The company was originally formed to develop a large hill country block at the Paparata Saddle in the King Country. Paparata literally means “rata flat” i.e. papa (flat land) on which ratas grow. As well as Paparata Street, eight other streets were formed at the time of this 1967 subdivision.

There are lots of steps here, too – the first set is 118 and then another 25 to the top.

At the top.