My Favourites

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Terrace Garden steps


One of the joys I have walking the steps is that it takes time, and that allows for appreciating the various aspects of each one. These are my favourite steps. I will keep adding more favourites because they keep showing up.

Hankey Street

This was one of the first I found that shocked me that it could be so secluded in so near to busy streets.

Hawker Street

So many little step streets come off the non-step street – just find this street and there you have a whole collection.

Awarua Train steps

If you can get to these steps, just enjoy the stillness and the sense of a hidden passage just above a suburban train line.

Tanera Crescent Steps

The view is amazing, and just a bit quirky.

Dixon Street

Certainly one of the most used steps in the CBD, along with Church Street and the others closer to Parliament end of Lambton Quay, but this seems to be almost a vertical island, so close to university, business, shops, bars, and its own quiet self.

Flagstaff Hill, Percival Street, and Terrace Gardens

This is just astonishing to find in the middle of downtown Wellington. Its a ring of steps around a usually tawdry little park but it feels so much like a hidden valley.


and more…they are all each one just fascinating and keep me climbing them.