Allenby Terrace

FIND THESE STEPS – From The Terrace between 223 and 225, and from Willis Street, at the Boulcott Street intersection go along up the hill, then left at O’reily Avenue following through to the end of the parking lot next to St Mary of the Angels Church. 

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Allenby Terrace, Percival Street, and Terrace Gardens form a loop around a lovely little garden, hidden away from the traffic along The Terrace, and providing an amazing spot of seclusion in the CBD.

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Allenby Terrace opens from The Terrace along a footpath but then becomes a steep staircase leading, passing Percival Street – actually a footpath in this section – on the right.

The steps are named for Field Marshall Edmund Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby, who led the British Empire’s Egyptian Expeditionary Force in the First World War, of whom it was said “Many of Allenby’s officers believed that he was incapable of any emotion except rage…” (Wikipedia)

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From The Terrace entryway.

Heavily traveled by locals, the pathways and steps are surprisingly busy for such a hidden passageway and a most difficult exercise on the way up.

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Known previously as Harbour View, Allenby Street’s view of the harbour is more obscured now, but still impressive.


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Random art work along the way

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Find inspiration wherever you can….


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Percival Street, on the left above from Allenby, leads to the Terrace Gardens, a secluded, woody meadow above the St George hotel.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 3.47.15 PMWashday at Allenby Terrace.

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A private footpath along the way down Allenby Street..
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Looking from the last flight of Allenby steps toward St Mary of the Angels Church and beyond that, the Majestic Centre.


The lower access is through the parking lot of St Mary of the Angels Catholic church, by way of a little street named for the first priest assigned to Wellington, and who raised most of the funding for the church. Interestingly, the priest was named O’Reily but the street marker is O’reily. The street was formerly named for Martin Ellers, who arrived in Wellington in 1873.





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View of the last cascade of Allenby steps.

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O’reily Street, the church parking lot, and the former St George hotel are through to the right from the bottom of the stairs.