Carlton Gore Road Steps

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Along the sharp turn up the hill to Roseneath on Carlton Gore Road, above Oriental Parade.

Just a few steps with a grand view leading to the locked gate of Roseneath School.

Wellington City Heritage website notes that the Wellington Beautifying Society planted 50 pohutukawa trees along the road in 1937 and some of them remain.

Apparently Sir George Grey saw this point as the location for Government House. It is named for the son of Edward Gibbon Wakefield, Edward Jerningham Wakefield. It was he who drew up the contract by which Maori sold the The New Zealand Company the land that became Wellington. The contract, its translation, and understanding by local iwi is still a point of dispute.

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The path and steps are on top of the Carlton Gore retaining wall built between 1925 and 1930, designed by the Wellington City Engineer’s Department (City Engineers J.M.Dawson and A.J. Paterson) jand built by Fletcher Construction. According to Wellington City Heritage archives the city debated whether a lift or inclined tramway was suitable but decided a road – including a wonderful hairpin bend – would be a better solution.

Carlton Gore? I could find no insight who this was, and why this is named for him.

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At the top of the hill to Roseneath School along side the memorial to war dead from the school in 1917.

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The notice board for canons firing the Saluting Battery from  Pt Jerningham beside St Barnabas church.

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