Salamanca Road Steps

FIND THESE STEPS – Two locations – one leading to the University and emerging at the Hunter car park, and on the other side of the road, near 101 Salamanca Road.

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Map Source: OpenSteetMap

Salamanca Road was named by William Travers, described by Ms Irving-Smith as ‘a Spanish legionnaire in the Carlist War’, and she speculates he took part under the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Salamanca, Spain, in the Penisular War in 1812. Travers was as well as an advocate for trees in early Wellington, and along with others, advocated that land would be set aside for the Botanical Gardens.

Salamanca Road to Hunter Car Park

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Salamanca Road to Kumutoto Forest

Kumutoto Stream originates in this area, and flows through the gully and then underground along The Terrace, and under Woodward Street. It is a project of Predator Free Wellington as well as the Kumutoto Forest Restoration Group, who have cleaned up the rubbish, restored native plants, and improved the urban green space.

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