Drummond Street Steps

FIND THESE STEPS – Between Tasman and Hanson Street at the top of Drummond Street, at 39 Tasman Street at the top and 2 Hanson Street on the lower level.

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Ms Irvine-Smith wrote that Drummond Street is thought to be named for Edward Drummond, private secretary to the Duke of Wellington. In 1843 Drummond was mistaken for British Prime Minister Robert Peel and killed by an assassin. The assassin, Daniel M’Naghten, was found not guilty by a new measure for insanity. The M’Naghten Rule gives law students world wide difficulty for its spelling.

On the other side of Adelaide Road, Drummond Street forms the trade entrance to Government House.

The Drummond Street landmark, at the intersection with Adelaide Road,  was for years the Tramway Hotel, as noted by Wellington City Council, “The building is a rare surviving example of typical late Victorian Hotel” and was built in 1899. Although it still stands, it is closed now, and the trams, too, are history. In 1972 Prime Minister Norman Kirk lived for a short while in an upstairs room.

City Council renovated the former pathway in 2011 to produced these impressive, modern steps.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.39.29 AMAn example of the stunning art produced by workers at Wellington City Council.

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