Willis Street Steps

FIND THESE STEPS – Just beside 160 Willis Street.

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Just a few paces further along Willis Street from the Terrace Gardens (past the Art Deco former St George Hotel on the corner of Willis and Boulcott where the Beatles stayed during their tour of New Zealand in 1964) and you find another staircase, hidden between narrow buildings. Little used and over grown with bright grass, it heads up to a small corner of a little street that eventually turns out onto The Terrace.

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Distinguished by their constant clutter, these steps shorten the passage to the Dixon Street flats. The flats were part of the effort of the first Labour Government to provide sufficient housing for the New Zealand population. They were build in 1944; unknown building date for the steps.


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The steps are steep but a bench has been thoughtfully provided.


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Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 11.04.48 PMJust at the top of the stairs you find a passage to a little park and more steps to the flats.


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From a certain angle, they seem to go on and on – nearly into infinity. You might have sympathy for the walk up these steps with a load of shopping.