Glenmore Street to Raroa Road Steps

FIND THESE STEPS – From 29 Raroa Road and from the lower level at 205 Glenmore Street.

These steps have eluded me until Chris suggested them through an email to this site. Many thanks, Chris.

Glenmore Road, at the lower level, was originally named Karori Road, reported Ms Irvine-Smith, until 1920 when the name was changed and, she comments, the name is “well suited to the configuration of the road.”

Ms Irvine-Smith wrote that the main purpose of Raroa Road “was to provide access from the southern and eastern ends of the city to the “new” cemetery at Karori, opened in 1891″ and previously named Cemetery Road. I can find no definition or other reference for the road’s name.

These steps are unusual – the pathway to the second level of steps from the top street passes under a house!

And there are lots of these steps – 205.

The view from the top of the steps at Raroa Road.