Parliament Street

These steps have disappeared, taken away by the Wellington Urban Motorway. 


Photo of 168 & 170 Sydney Street, now part of the motorway). The steps can be seen between the two houses, going up the hillside. All gone now.

M.O.W. Wellington Urban Motorway Construction, Reference 50006-405, Wellington City Libraries

There were, once, apparently quite impressive steps, as described by Ms Irvine-Smith, before the Wellington Urban Motorway was built in the 1960s – 1970s:

Off this street [Hill Street] run several of Thorndon’s little ways. First to the right is Parliament Street from which a good view may be obtained of the group of the Houses of Parliament. It is a characteristic little suburban street of these parts, running up steeply to a summit, thence making on the other side a descent so steep that it resolves itself into a series of steps (101 of them) leading by six flights to the street below. Poor postman! (‘Streets of My City’ page 167)