Maida Vale Steps

Find these steps – Brilliantly, Google Maps lists these steps independently – ‘The Maida Vale – Grafton Rd. STAIRS’. At the top, go to 89 – 95 Grafton Rd, and from the bottom, between 114 and 118 Maida Vale Rd.

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The Maida Vale steps are famous among the people who admire Wellington steps – they are among the most steep in the city, and have a loyal following among those who use them as a sport and for fitness. The steps are a great short cut to the Balaena Bay beach.

Maida Vale is named for the west London district, which itself is named for a pub, The Maida, which, according to Wikipedia, was itself named after ‘General Sir John Stuart, who was made Count of Maida by King Ferdinand IV of Naples and III of Sicily, after the Battle of Maida in 1806.’

But back to the Wellington steps – There are 365 steps, so plan accordingly. There are several twists and stops which are great lookout spots, and the bush is restful and usually quiet.

They are listed in ‘Map My Walk’ website as having a total ascent of 118.88m, with a maximum elevation of 111.44m. and Living Streets Aotearoa often organises a spring clean for them.

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The view from the top – looking at Evans Bay.

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The the electric lines only hint at the steepness of the steps, climbing the steps brings the experience home.