10 Busiest Steps

How to decide ‘Most Popular’ without benefit of an independently commissioned survey?

From personal experience, of course.

trekking the collection of steps here over man years, I’ve had a chance to catch these steps at odd times of the day, over many seasons. And I’ll take a risk that my observations could be off by a mile.

1.     Plimmer’s Steps

Not the best architecture or very charming, Plimmer’s Steps are favourites of visitors – there must be hundreds of thousands of photos tucked in photo collections world wide of Mr Plimmer and his dog, Fritz. People go out of their way to find theses steps. But the steps are useful for Wellington residents, too, and heavily used.

2.     Masons Lane and Woodward Street

3.     Allenby

4.     Oriental Terrace

St John/Abel Smith Streets

Moore Street

Dixon Street

Grass Street Steps

Durham Street

Church Street